Frequently asked questions

How many times can I reuse these?

With proper care, you can reuse your EmBee Meche® hundreds of times.

How  do I care for them?

We recommend spraying as much product as possible off at the shampoo bowl, then hand washing in hot soapy water.  If your state requires a barbicide submersion, they are completely barbicide safe.

How do I dry them?

A very quick way to dry many EmBee at one time is the “Layer Method”.  Lay down a towel, a row of EmBee, a towel,  another row of EmBee, etc…then roll the layers up and squeeze. Voila!  Dry Meche!

Can they go under heat?

We have users who routinely use heat sources such as a hood dryer, Rollerball, Climazone, and infrared heat lamps HOWEVER because all machines are different: please only test a few of your EmBee at first to see if it will be compatible with your particular heat source.

Can I recycle these?

Absolutely!  They can be recycled with the #4 items, however we recommend treating EmBee as an investment and washing and reusing as many times as possible.

My Packets got hot!

This is an indication that there are minerals present in the hair causing a chemical reaction with the lightener.  This is unrelated to using EmBee Meche®.  This a well documented occurrence that has been happening with foils for ages.   You can read more about this phenomenon by clicking HERE

So what do I do about the minerals?

We love and recommend  Malibu Wellness.  It can be found at Salon Centric, Armstrong McCall, Cosmoprof,  online at www.malibuc.com, and many other beauty supply stores.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do!  Click on the International tab and it will lead you right to it!  Please be aware when ordering Internationally that your country may have charges such as VAT.  We do not collect that money or know what the amount will be.  That is entirely between you and your Post.

What’s your return policy?

Due to sanitation and sterilization regulations that govern products of this nature, we do not accept returns.