Benefits of Using EmBee Meche®

EmBee Meche® is different!

  • EmBee Meche® is washable, reusable, and easily sanitizable.
  • Color and lightener stay put, greatly reducing slippage.
  • They are lighter, cooler, and more comfortable for the client.
  • EmBee Meche® allows ammonia to dissipate during processing rather than accelerate the way aluminum does.  This gives you more control over processing.
  • EmBee Meche® is quiet, no more loud crunchy foils!
  • Using EmBee Meche® distinguishes you from other stylists by showing that you are ahead of the trend.
  • They allow you to see the progress of your processing color or lightener without having to open the EmBee Meche®.
  • EmBee Meche® does not stain, allowing you to use them with direct dyes without fear of ruining your investment.
  • The transparency of EmBee Meche® allows you to harness your creative freedom and easily visualize your patterns and placement while using direct dyes.
  • Keep claybased lighteners moist with layers of EmBee Meche® without the hassle and time consuming issues associated with cling films.

To order: 

  • On a laptop or desktop:  Click the “USA Purchases”  or “International Purchases” tab on the upper right of the page.
  • On a mobile device:  Click the “Primary Menu” tab on the upper right of the page to lead you to the purchase page.