About Us

IMG_8804Melissa McCowen and Bridget House


     The heart of EmBee is 2 full time stylists working behind the chair:  Melissa McCowen, a 9 year veteran stylist and Bridget House, a 24 year veteran stylist.
  We are right in the thick of it, shoulder to shoulder with all the other stylists out there. With all of the changes and innovations going on in the world of color we felt like the tools that we had to create them was missing something.

     We wanted something else we could add to our toolbox that could address some of the issues we were facing. We started looking for something that didn’t slide around during more free form techniques like ombre and color melts and that we could see through when doing dimensional and vivid colors to keep track of our patterns. We were also looking for something that could be reusable to avoid throwing away massive amounts of foils and papers everyday.
      After we settled on something we thought was really great, we asked a few of our stylist friends to try it. We were met with a lot of excitement and really positive feedback! That is when we had decided that this product met a real need in the marketplace that was not accessible before.
          We progressed from the 2 of us running the business out of the salon to employees and a large facility in a very brief amount of time. Navigating the product supplier side of our industry has been a whole new world for us.
     Thankfully we are part of an amazing network of brilliant stylists, have some great mentors, and insightful advisers along the way. That is what is so amazing about the beauty industry: it’s always evolving and allowing each of us and our careers to evolve right along with it.
     We have educators using them in their classes, color companies using EmBee at shows, and thousands of users out in salons across the world. The scope of it is pretty mind blowing to us.
     It’s fun for us to scroll though our Instagram and Facebook accounts and see all of the cool new ways that our fellow stylists are using our product. We have learned some really invaluable techniques from our users and ways to use EmBee that never occurred to us. I would encourage anyone reading the article to check out our Instagram and the #EmBeeMeche tag for new ideas from the innovators out in the salons.  They inspire us everyday.
Thank you so much for your interest in us,
Bridget House
Melissa McCowen